Top 10 Most Common Passwords – Plus Common Words To Avoid

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We all have a plethora of passwords, hopefully stored away in a safe place without any duplicates. Hackers constantly try to break into our computers by hacking our passwords. This can be accomplished with various code generators that can test thousands of variables in mere seconds. This is why it is so important to have a unique, safe and secure password for each individual item that requires one.

What are common words used in passwords?

There are a number of repetitive words that are commonly used in passwords. These could include your favorite food, city, sports team, and even swear words.

An example would be BananaMiamiPacer1988

Specific years are also used which can tipoff the approximate age of the user.  In the above example, it is quite possible that the person was born in 1988 and may be in their 30’s.

Also, the year the password was generated or the year of a special event are often used, too.

The Top 10 most common passwords

According to Cyber News, the following are the most common passwords used globally:

1. 123456

2. 123456789

3. qwerty

4. password

5. 12345

6. qwerty123

7. 1q2w3e

8. 12345678

9. 111111

10. 1234567890

Cyber News analyzed 15,212,645,925 passwords, of which 2,217,015,490 were unique.

First names were commonly used.  The most popular girls name was Eva while the most popular boy’s name was Alex.


How can I create a safe password?

There are a number of free password generators on the internet that can do this for you.  You can find one of those here.

In closing

Please keep the following in mind when creating a new password.

  • NEVER use the same password twice!
  • Always try to use a password generator.
  • If creating your own password, do not use obvious names, cities, teams, or numbers.
  • Avoid keyboard patterns for your password.
  • Avoid repetitive numbers.

Stay safe, everyone!

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